VOINOTEE, the app that reads notifications out.

VOINOTEE is an app that reads the caller’s name of incoming calls and notifications from various apps (such as Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) out by voice.

* NOTE: To read a caller’s name from an incoming call is not available as call logs are no longer readable by a third party app as part of Google’s security policy. So the feature is not supported from Android 9 but, still supported on Android 8 and earlier versions.

– Now, you can check incoming calls, text messages and notifications from various apps such as KakaoTalk, Line, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. while driving or exercising without looking at your phone.

– You do not have to do dangerous things like turning your head and looking at the phone to check your text messages while driving.

– If you are wearing an earphone while studying at the library, you can find out notifications without checking your mobile phone in the bag.

– When you are in the bathroom, you can check who is calling to you even if your phone is in your room.

– Even when you are cooking in the kitchen, you can check the text messages on the phone in the living room.  

– Now, even during exercise, you can check the messages in your Whatsapp or Line from your friends without having to touch your phone with hands wet with sweat anymore.

– If you are wearing Bluetooth earphones while riding a bike long distances, you can check notifications on your phone by concentrating on riding.​

VOINOTEE also provides plentiful options for your usage environment. By using the rich options, you can freely configure when and how to read notifications that are right for you. 

– You can decide whether to read notifications based on the connection status of various peripherals (such as Wi-Fi, earphones or Bluetooth headsets).​

– If you are connected to multiple Bluetooth devices, you can set the priority of them so that you can automatically select which device will play voice.​

– Because VOINOTEE allows you to set to read notifications only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network in a specific location, you can set to not read notifications when the Wi-Fi in your office is connected. And you can set to read notifications when the Wi-Fi in your home is connected.​​​​

– You can set to not read notifications from apps you’re currently using.​

– You can choose not to read notifications at certain times.​

– If you suddenly hear a notification reading voice at a place or time that you do not want, you can make it stop by flipping your phone.

– You can choose not to read notifications that contain unwanted words, and you can set a word to be replaced with another word.​

– If the performance of your phone is a little slower, you can set it to read notifications after a few seconds delay, and you can set it to read notifications at intervals of a few seconds.​

– Because it supports the TASKER plugin, if you are using the TASKER app, you can set up more flexible notification timing.​

Now you can listen to the notifications that VOINOTEE reads, like music, without having to touch the phone to check your notifications.

You can download the app VOINOTEE that reads notifications out from the following URL:

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