Permissions required for VOINOTEE to read notifications aloud.

VOINOTEE has many features and requires more permissions compared to similar other apps. This chapter will list the permissions required to run VOINOTEE and describe why they’re needed.

NOTE: Refer to Status light(icon) of VOINOTEE to read notifications.

1. Notification access rights

Notification access rights are essential for operating VOINOTEE. To allow VOINOTEE to/not to read notifications, disable and re-enable this.

2. Access to app usage log

You can set whether to read notifications by detecting apps currently in use. This permission is optional.

3. Contacts

VOINOTEE can detect an incoming call and read a caller ID. The “Contacts” permission is optional, but required for VOINOTEE to compare the information of the incoming call with the contacts in your phone to read the caller ID.  

NOTE: The feature to read caller IDs from incoming calls is not available in Android 9 due to Google’s enhanced security policy. So, when running the App with Android 9, you don’t have to grant the permission.

4. Location

VOINOTEE allows you to set to read notifications only when your phone are connected to a Wi-Fi network in a specific location, you can set to read notifications when the Wi-Fi network in your home is connected, and set to not read notifications when a public Wi-Fi network is connected.  

This option keeps your privacy. “Location” permission is optional, but required to detect Wi-Fi connection.

5. Phone

“Phone” permission is essential for operating VOINOTEE. The App should stop reading notifications when there is an incoming call or outgoing call while reading notifications. Please grant this permission before using VOINOTEE in order for the function to work well.

You can download the app VOINOTEE that reads notifications out from the following URL:

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