First steps for VOINOTEE to read notifcations aloud.

This screen immediately appears right after installing VOINOTEE for the first time or after updating to the latest version. For some reasons, you can move to the main screen after setting the essential requirements for operating the App. This chapter will explain what to do first.

1. Red light and Blue light

As described in “Status light(icon) of VOINOTEE to read notificationsns)”, VOINOTEE informs you of the App status with the colored light icons. On the screen above, there are two items with red light and blue light. The red light indicates that the settings have not been complete yet, and the blue light means that the settings have been completed.

2. Notification access rights

You will need to enable notification access rights after a new install.

If you enable the App and then return to this page, the red light will change to blue and you can move on the next step. If the light for the menu is illuminated in red, touch the menu to enter the “Notification access rights” page, then disable the notification access rights already granted to VOINOTEE, and re-enable it. If you install the App first, just enable it.

3. Phone

Some users wonder why the app that reads notifications requires phone permission. In fact, some people complain about the possibility of infringement of their personal information. However, that’s a misunderstanding. VOINOTEE should stop reading a notification when having a phone call while reading the notification. Otherwise, your phone call will be interrupted by the sound of reading the notification. Thus, in order to stop reading notifications, you must grant phone permission to VOINOTEE as it enables the app to be aware of incoming calls. If the light for the item is red, touch the item to grant phone permission.

4. Select apps

For listening to notifications, you need to select target apps. Please select at least one or more apps to read notifications.

5. How to roubleshoot 

This link is for the documents (including this document) that tell you what to look out for how to troubleshoot problems. Please read them carefully before using VOINOTEE.

Once you’ve set up all of the options properly, go to the main screen and start more detailed settings.

You can download the app VOINOTEE that reads notifications out from the following URL:

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