How to make earphones (Bluetooth earphones) to read notifications out.

You may have thought about that.

“My Bluetooth earphone had a function that reads Whatsapp messages …”
“I would like to be able to hear the notifications from my phone right away when wearing my earphones …
“I’m bothered to check the SMS, but if someone just read it in words …”

There is a famous word that can be used in such cases.

“We will find the answer.”

Yes, I will give you an answer.

First, install the “VOINOTEE” app by visiting the following URL:

As you might expect, the ‘VOINOTEE’ app is an app that reads notifications aloud to your situation. Once you have installed the app for the first time, the following screen will appear.

Before using the ‘VOINOTEE’ app, it is necessary to set the necessary permissions and basic settings. Just follow the instructions in each item.

1) Notification Access Rights

In order for ‘VOINOTEE’ to read notifications from the app, of course, you need the Notification access rights. Tap the item to go to the notification access rights settings page, find the ‘VOINOTEE’ app and switch it on. When the switch is turned on, a warning pops up, where you can find and select the ‘Allow’ or equivalent button. When you finish setting notification access rights, tap the Back key to return to the original screen.

2) phone

If a call comes in while ‘VOINOTEE’ is reading a notification, ‘VOINOTEE’ should stop reading the notification immediately. To do this, you must give call permission to ‘VOINOTEE’. Please tap the item to grant phone permission.

3) Select app

Here you choose which apps you want “VOINOTEE” to read the notifications from. Tap the item to select apps to read the notification. In my case, I choose ‘Gmail’, ‘Message’ and ‘KakaoTalk’.

4) How to troubleshoot

A link to a document that tells you how to fix “VOINOTEE” when it suddenly stops reading notifications or stops working after update the app . Please read carefully. The same link is provided at the bottom of the main screen, so you can refer to it if you encounter any problems later.

As you complete the settings of each item, the red light in each item changes to a blue light to show that the setting is complete.

Now that we’re all set up, tap the Go to main screen button to go to the main screen.

After moving to the main screen, you will see a menu to decide when to read in the middle as shown in the captured image above. Tap the Bluetooth icon to go to the Bluetooth device settings page.

  • Note: If you uncheck ‘Read notifications even when there are no connected Bluetooth, wired earphone, or Wi-Fi device’, notifications will not be read when the Bluetooth, wired earphone, or Wi-Fi device is not connected. That is, the item is set to read notifications only when there is a connected device.

If you look at the Bluetooth configuration page as above, there will be several items. From the list of Bluetooth devices, select the Bluetooth earphones what you want. In my case I have set it up to read notifications when the TEVI device is connected. If you look under the [LYPERTEK] TEVI-L device name on the screen above, you can see that it is set to ‘Read notification, do not read incoming call’ in small letters.

You’re done all settings to read notifications when your Bluetooth earphones are plugged in. Now let’s set VOINOTEE to read notifications when wired earphones are connected. On the main screen, tap the ‘wired earphones’ icon to read the notification settings page for wired earphones.

On the screen above, select ‘ When an earphone is Connected, -> Read’ so that ‘VOINOTEE’ reads notifications when a wired earphone is connected.

Okay, we’ve done all the necessary settings. When you return to the main screen and connect a wired earphone, you will see a green light on the ‘Wired earphone’ icon as shown below. This means that your wired earphone is currently plugged in and ‘VOINOTEE’ will read notifications. Of course, if you remove the wired earphone and then connect the TEVI Bluetooth earphone set up in the Bluetooth device setting page, the Bluetooth icon will light green and ‘VOINOTEE’ will read notifications.

It may seem a bit complicated, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it very simple, convenient, and intuitive. Do not hesitate to install and try once.

You can download the app VOINOTEE that reads notifications out from the following URL:

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